The South African ostrich (Struthio camelus australis), also known as the black-necked ostrichCape ostrich, or southern ostrich is a subspecies of the common ostrich endemic to Southern Africa. It is widely farmed for its meat, eggs, and feathers.

Black Neck Ostriches

The Black Neck Ostriches adapt in the snow of Canada, the desert of Saudi Arabia and the high humidity of Bangkok. Ostrich is the biggest bird among all the bird species. They also produce the largest eggs. An adult male ostrich weighs between 63 to 130 kg and an adult female ostrich weights about 155 kg . Adult male ostrich feathers are black-colored, and primary and caudal feathers are white-colored. Female and baby ostrich feathers can be of gray or white color. The neck of both male and female ostrich is almost featherless.


African black ostrich for sale

  • Ostrich Chicks 1 Day Old:R250.00
  • Ostrich Chicks 1 Month Old:R400.00
  • Ostrich Chicks 2 Month Old:R500.00
  • Ostrich Chicks 3 Month Old:R550.00
  • Ostrich Chicks 4 Month Old:R600.00
  • Ostrich Chicks 5 Month Old:R650.00
  • Ostrich Chicks 6 Month Old:R700.00
  • Ostrich Eggs:R200.00
  • Ostrich Feathers: R150.00
  • Ostrich Shell:R90.00

Black neck females produce more than 110 chicks per season. No other ostrich in the world is as fertile as the South African Black neck.
They grow very fast and easily reach 95kg at the age of 8 months.

However, we have found that you should not slaughter the birds before they are 10 months old.
Their meat is remarkably healthy. It contains less cholesterol, fewer kilojoules, less fat, and less protein than chicken and turkey. The demand for the meat of the South African Blacks is so high.

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