Corn gluten meal is the principal protein of corn (maizeendosperm consisting mainly of zein and glutelin.[1] It is a byproduct of corn processing that has historically been used as an animal feed. Despite the name, corn gluten does not contain true gluten, which is formed by the interaction of gliadin and glutenin proteins.

Corn Gluten Meal

It is the insoluble proteinic fraction obtained from a process of separating corn starch from maize. The entire process is fully under a hygienic condition.
It is one of the outstanding nutritious vegetable protein sources with an excellent amino acid profile. Due to it high digestibility, It is widely applied for poultry and livestock diets.


  • Protein:62.0%
  • Moisture:10.0%max
  • Fibre:2.5%max
  • Ash:4.0%max
  • Fat:2.5%max


Corn gluten meal price

  • R3000.00/Metric Ton
  • R150.00/50 Kgs pp bag
  • Packing: In 50 kgs


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