• CREAM LEGBAR – R205.00
  • SIZE: Medium
  • CHARACTERISTICS: Intelligent, active birds prized for their blue eggs.  They can be quite flighty. Chicks can be sexed at day old.
  • APPEARANCE: Very attractive hens with head crests. Cockerels should have very little colour on them & be shades of grey.
  • EGGS: Reasonable layers of blue eggs.

Cream Legbar Chicken



Cream Legbar chickens are an incredibly unique breed with three major things going for them:

  1. They are an autosexing breed, so when you order females, you know you’re actually getting females!

  2. They are one of the very few breeds that lays beautiful light blue or light green eggs.

  3. They are beyond adorable with their little feather crests that grow up from behind their combs.


Cream Legbar  for sale near me

Cream Legbars are friendly, easily handled, good layers, and one of the most highly sought after—and rarest—breeds in this country. Cream Legbar eggs are a beautiful blue, ranging from light blue to light
turquoise. And while their eggs aren’t jumbo, they lay prolifically.
Legbars are wonderful foragers and love to be outside. If you like to go a-hunting for your eggs, this is the breed for you, because for some odd reason, laying outdoors is their favorite. Legbars do well-avoiding predators in a free-range environment, although they can easily adapt to small yards and runs, too. Finally, Cream Legbars are fun looking, with unusual little crests tucked behind floppy combs, looking something like they’re wearing berets accented with flowers–very cool!

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