Extra Large Fresh Ostrich Eggs measure about 17 5/8″ to 17 7/8″ in circumference around the egg lengthwise. Fresh Ostrich Eggs are gathered daily,

Fertile Ostrich Eggs

High Reproduction Rate South African Black Necks have been selected for high fertility and reproduction over many years. Some of our females currently produce more than 130 eggs per season.
South African Black Neck Ostrich skins have the biggest follicle area and are sought after in the world market. The follicle is the little knob where the feather grows. The more feathers the more follicles. For many years South Africa specifically breeds ostriches for feather production, therefore the leather


Ostrich eggs for sale

Best Investment South African Black Neck Ostriches are by far the best investment in the ostrich market. In South Africa we believe that you should always farm according to the demand of the world market. Any honest ostrich consultant will tell you that the demand is for the products of the South African Black Necks. Since you will never have problems to market your high quality products, the South African Blacks are still the best investment by far.


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Fresh Ostrich Hatching Eggs ready to incubate. Ostrich eggs are gathered daily, rinsed and sanitized, and held in cool storage until shipping. These ostrich eggs are specially packed and shipped Priority Mail with delivery in 2 or 4 days to most areas worldwide. Any timely guaranteed deliveries must be shipped by Express Mail.
We always carefully select the best ostrich eggs for incubation and hatching. Our ostrich lives in large group paddocks so the rate of fertility is very good.

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