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Poultry farm cleaning chemicals

Poultry farming involves a variety of risks associated with the environment and constant exposure to various contaminants: viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi and dust, which affect weight gain and increase mortality. This is why poultry house disinfection is an important aspect to take into account.


Disinfection & cleaning of poultry farm

Before applying disinfectants, all personnel must change into clean protective clothing and visually inspect every part of the farm facilities for cleanliness.

  • Farm Wash One (250 ml): R20.00
  • Farm San Two (250 ml): R27.00
  • Superwash (5 litre): R175.00
  • Superwash (25 litre): R649.00
  • Vet Ultracide Sanitizer (5 litre): R293.00
  • Vet Ultracide Concentrate (5 litre): R708.00



Maxi / Mini Thermometer: R251.00
Digital Hygrometer: R1021.00


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