The Ross/Cobb-type birds are available as day-old chicks or as five-week-old, off-heat growers. These are a commercial strain and will perform exceptionally well giving a fast turnaround on investment.

Ross & Cobb Chickens

We have reared our own Ross Cobb chickens for the table for many years, and it makes economical sense if you choose to eat meat & if you have the land. It provides us with ‘happy meat’ that is fed on good quality food, whilst spending its days running around on grass under an (intermittent) Cornish sun.

All point of lay hens have been vaccinated or treated against the following diseases:

– Newcastle
– Infectious Bronchitis (IB)
– Mareks
– Infectious Laryngol Tracheitis (ILT)
– Fowl Pox
– Egg Drop Syndrome (EDS)
– Epidemic Tremor
– Infectious Coryza
– Gumboro


Ross & Cobb chickens for sale

Price for 17 to 21 weeks.
R48.00 each


Ross & Cobb Chicks

Our chicks are vaccinated at day old against New Castle Disease and Infectious Bronchitis.
All our chicks have immediate access to feed and water after hatch to ensure that they are strong and hydrated before transport to their new owners.

  • All our chicks are handled with the utmost care, respect, and dignity.
  • Prices of day-old chicks
  • Grade A Ross 308: R6.50 each
  • Grade A Cobb 500: R6.50 each

Our chicken will stay a minimum of 2 days and a Maximum of 1week before starting laying once you start feeding them with the MASH LAYER FEED.


Ross & Cobb chickens price

  • Price for 17 to 21 weeks.
  • R48.00 each

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