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Speckledy hybrid

The Speckledy is a modern hybrid and comes from a Rhode Island Red crossed with a Maran. The feathering closely resembles that of a Maran but it is a far more prolific egg layer. They are large yet elegant birds with a deep breast, upward pointing tail and pale legs.

The comb is medium, red and serrated and the face is smooth. The earlobes and wattles are small and smooth and the beak curved and mottled. They have pale bay eyes.


Speckledy hybrid characteristics:

  • HEN SIZE: Medium
  • COLOUR: Dark grey and white barred feathers.  Some have much whiter markings, especially round the head.  A few have light leg feathering.
  • EGGS: Up to 280 per year
  • EGG COLOUR: Shades of brown, some speckled.
  • CHARACTER: Usually friendly, calm hens.
  • RUN REQUIREMENTS:  Free-range or in a run.
  • ALSO KNOWN AS: Speckled Star, Coucou, Barred Rock, Barred Ranger.

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